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HR Vission

To facilitate the processes which create an environment where each member of SICL family is able to contribute their best.

At SICL, we believe that Employees are our most important assets. We encourage our employees to become strategic business partners, to create an environment of excellence and congenial work-culture conducive to achievement of organizational objectives. Every employee is treated with due respect. We promote an open and transparent work environment with mutual respect for all.

The company also focuses on developing the career of its employees by providing regular opportunities based on periodic review of the team via different mediums.

  •  Induction Training programme
  •  Institutional Meet
  •  Career Design Workshops
  •  Workshop for Employees
  •  An understanding of the perspectives of HR (across the organization)

We offer our employees certain benefits, to help them in their financial planning:

  •  Flexible benefits plan, to help you plan your taxes through your salary stack
  •  Incentive Schemes
  •  Health and accident insurance
  •  Flexible work schedules
  •  Paid holidays
  •  Advance Salary
  •  Loans at Subsidized rate of Interest or Interest–free.